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The idea to create a website for the Pierre - Cornelius generation was inspired
by the passing of Ingrid in April 2006. Ingrid had very strong family beliefs, values and a always put family above all.  

Site Information

On this website we have collected information from around the world, including Trinidad, The Unites States and The Netherlands. We are also working on a
family tree and a repository for uploading information by family members around the world. Areas of the site require a password which can be obtained by sending
an email to the webmaster, Timothy J. Cornelius in The Netherlands.

Webmaster Timothy J. Cornelius

After attending Ingrid's funeral, it was apparent that we should maintain her ideas and keep the family as close as possible without exceptions. After all, we are family.

Having done some basic web design, I started out with one very important determination, a tribute to Ingrid. To keep her alive in my heart and use her as
an example of love, openess and dedication to family.
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This site has been created in loving memory of our recently departed Ingrid Pierre. For Ingrid's poems, pictures, funeral videos and general information please click on this link.
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