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This area is dedicated to Ingrid Pierre, my sister.
On April 20 th, I recievied a phone call about Ingrid's condition and was led to believe that it would turn out for the better. Dispite the signs from the Hospital and the seriousness of her condition. We are all aware of her dialisis and we have become a bit used to her being around and visiting the Hospital regularly. At the time it had not really dawned on me that this was a prelude to her passing.

The 21st of April came and Ingrid passed without even being able to talk to her at the hospital when mummy was there with her cell phone. I had the chance but never even tried to spek to her. This is part of the pain I currently feel.

At the funeral in New York, I learnt more about what a wonderful person Ingrid was, so many people had the exactly the same to say about her:

Dedicated to family,
Enjoyed life,
Easy to please,
Always listens,
Very appreciative,
A true warrior for life,
Secret keeper,
Prolific reader and Poet.

Regardless of all the love I have for my other sisters, Ingrid will always have a special place in my heart.

Timothy J. Cornelius
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