New Beginnings

New beginnings make our Lord pleased
For it means you are not willing to sit at ease
And let the world around you go
In erroneous directions and flows

New beginnings often clean the slate
Of things past and makes the future great
New beginnings remind us of what Christ did on the cross
If ever we find ourselves at a lost

New beginnings help us feel strong
It keeps us focused with feet planted on solid ground

New beginnings can sometimes leave us standing alone
Without support, totally on our own
But that teaches us to be like our father above
Who teaches and expects us to love
That's why we embrace and explore
New beginnings like never before.

By Ingrid Pierre - February 14, 2004

Don't Lose Your Dreams

Did you feel you'd lose your dream
To things around you it seems
First its this gone wrong
Then something else says so long
And all that you know
Gone by just so
You try this and that
But on your face you fall flat
Thinking I'm so done
Whatever you've won
Well now my friend
There must be an end
So there be a start
So think now be smart
Try a new life in Christ
You will succeed more then once
More than twice, even trice
It's a new life thang
Wake up your heart
And make your life sing.

By Ingrid Pierre