Natasha C. Johnson
When I heard of Ingrid's hospitalization I immediately felt the need to visit her. Iím so happy Joel and I went with our feelings and took off to New York. That evening I was blessed with the opportunity to give Ingrid a good bath. Family, I did it in 3 inch heels, and I was about half way wet when I was done. Ingrid was so concern, she said "Tashee you are getting wet step back" I told
her don't worry about it. She then told me "pour the water from my head" and I did just that, she enjoyed the shower!  After the shower I dried her skin combed her hair and lotion her body. As I lotion her skin we talked and talked, and talked.

I especially LOVE Ingrid because of the following reasons;

She taught me how to cook.  My husband says to this day he married
      me because I can cook so well.  All Glory to Ingrid!

When I became a young lady she gave me the speech and then called Uncle Neal in the room and he gave me the Dad speech.

She loved and believed in her family members, everyone of us.

When you were in her presents, you felt loved and she catered to your needs pains and or your concerns of life.

She was a wonderful woman who was knowledgeable in many, many areas.

Ingrid also loved and fair God.     

I am happy I had the opportunity to live with her, eat with her, sleep with her, pray with her, laugh with her; cook with her and most of all love her.

Timothy J. Cornelius

It has been a pleaseure, belssing, honor and an expirence to know someone as wonderful as Ingrid Pierre