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This area is dedicated to the family in the Netherlands, the initiator of the Pierre - Cornelius family website.  

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On this website we have collected information from our Family in the Netherlands. This is where my family and I (the Webmaster Timothy Cornelius) live.
In this area you will find pictures of us, Denise’s family, friends, tourist information and other things, some of interest, some not. But what the heck. Enjoy looking around and we know for sure that at least it will bring you some good laughs. We already had some!

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Where we live
Believe us, The Netherlands, Holland is not all about windmills, tulips and Amsterdam. There is a lot more. We live in Almere, a brand new city, so we will show you throuh this site with pictures what it is really like up here. Hopefully it will make you wanne come and visit us.